Dog bites Man (1)

Shocking headlines from around the world about things we would not have known otherwise.

  1. Pakistan A ‘Hotbed’ For Terror
  2. Pakistan polls will be massively rigged: Report 
  3. Hostility surprises Musharraf
  4. Anti-social elements will be ousted, says Pinarayi
  5. CPM promoting violence:Gowri

1 thought on “Dog bites Man (1)

  1. The heading of your blog reminded me of a famous example on ambiguity…

    Reputedly a true newspaper headline, it went…


    I loved the example. Sure, if you used your brain, you’d understand that it says police were helping the victim of a dog bite.

    But the ambiguity part shines through – The police helped a dog in biting someone…


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