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The End of Socialism

In Night at the Museum Ben Stiller plays a watchman at the Museum of Natural History where exhibits come to life after being animated by an Egyptian artifact. You can think of Jyothi Basu as the watchman of the Museum of Dead Ideologies where various exhibits like Lenin, Stalin, Mao, Pol Pot and Che Guevera come to life after being animated by the chanting of a few passages from The Communist Manifesto. It turns out that this geriatric curator has finally seen the light and has has revealed certain truths which were self-evident for rest of the world.

We want capital, both foreign and domestic. After all we are working in a capitalist system. Socialism is not possible now,â he said in response to a question after a meeting of the partyâs state secretariat.âWe had spoken about building up a classless society, but that was a long time ago,â he said. [We are expire !]

Various revolutionaries are shocked and cannot figure out why Jyothi Basu had to quit sticking his head in the sand. RSP national secretary K.Pankajakshan annouced that their revolutionaries, at least those who are alive, will continue with the head-in-the-sand policy and if the sand is not deep enough, they were willing to walk till the Gobi desert.

Kerala Chief Minister V S Achyutanandan argued that it is not a good idea to tell public that Santa Claus des not exist and chanted the Communist Gayatri mantra, “the innate strength of the working class would inevitably wipe away capitalism.”  Since the entire working class of Kerala is in “Gulf”, there was no one to hear his speech, but there are reports that Fidel Castro got up from his coffin and laughed at VS’ speech.

Jyothi Basu and the Bengali comrades should be congratulated for finally telling the truth, but the Kerala comrades are still following the Mother Teresa Design Pattern. The Mother doubted the existence of God, heaven and the soul and came to the conclusion that Jesus was not true, but still kept on saving souls for the church. The Kerala comrades too have become rich through capitalism and know very well that socialism is dead, but still keep on peddling that failed ideology.

In Night at the Museum, Ben Stiller gets help from President Teddy Roosevelt (played by Robin Williams) and he is able to control the chaos. Probably Achyutanandan needs help from President Bush (played by Will Ferell).

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