Terrorist attack in Bombay

Explosives destroyed a passenger train compartment Thursday in central Bombay, killing seven passengers and injured 22 others, witnesses said Thursday. Link: Bombing kills 7 in Bombay

More developments in Malaysia

After Indian IT professionals were mistreated in Malaysia by Malaysian police, here are some actions by the Indian Govt. Outraged over the ill-treatment of 270 Indian IT professionals in Malaysia, New Delhi has decided to re-examine some of the decisions pending under its civil aviation bilateral treaty with Kuala Lumpur. The first casualty could well […]

How the Pakistan team came back

(link via the third eye>

Daddy, why can't we go to Kashmir?

If one muslim is attacked in India, the secular hyprocrites will jump around. But none of them will raise their voice for this

Speaking in Sanskrit

The professor is one of the many residents in Ganoda village who are confident that they can carry on an entire conversation in Sanskrit without a problem. The grocery shop owner claims he can rattle off shlokas in Sanskrit while in the adjoining utensil store, the owner informs that he helps his children with their […]