Secrecy in a Globalized Economy

niraj says on China Mishandling the SARS epidemic bq. One wonders why China was not more proactive in this affair? Its reputation is not actually stellar among fellow Asian countries, many of whom see China as a hegemonic power. But this case will reaffirm the view that China is not to be trusted, and is […]

Conspiracy Theory

Riyadh, Islamabad Share Stand on Iraq and says bq. The two sides urged the US-British forces to leave Iraq as soon as possible and set up an interim administration with a view to establishing a constitutional government Is this why are getting statements like this from the Administration ? to show that Uncle Sam is […]

Communists in other countries

“Comrades for the market!”: bq. ?Let no one doubt that we are seeking an open economy. We have in mind an economic system where there is healthy competition in industry, run with private investment? And the person saying this is Krishna Bahadur Mahara, a member of the Maoist group of Nepal. Wish the communists in […]

Know your neighbor

“Shahriar Kabir: The zealous secularist”: bq. When Zia-ur-Rehman came to power after the assassination of Sheikh Mujibur Rahman, the entire history of our liberation war was distorted. It was not taught properly in the schools. It was in 1995, when BNP was in power, one day I was watching a quiz programme. A young boy […]