A Hindu perspective on Christ

The Three Wise Men who came to worship the Christ child hailed from India and named him Isa, or “Lord,” in Sanskrit

True Liberation!

There are nearly 840 million Hindus in India, and 40 million more in neighboring countries of South Asia. Faithful Hindus long to worship. God desires faithful worshipers. Can they be united to Him in spirit and truth? Yes, if they see that Jesus Christ offers true liberation, that He is the true Incarnation of God […]

Joke Of The Day

Many of you might have mistakenly believed that Islam was a religion started by Muhammed in 7th century AD. But according to Renowned Orator of Islam and Comparative Religions Dr Zakir Naik it is not so. ”Islam is not the new religion as propagated by westenern protogonists. The Islamic religion is as old as Hinduism […]

Sufism back in Afghanistan

Sufism is a branch of Islamic spirituality in which people practice for inner awakening and enlightenment. This is similar in concept to Buddhism or Raja Yoga practitioners of Hinduism. They also follow a Guru-Sishya culture like Hinduism and use parables for explanations like the Zen. Now with the Taliban gone, Sufism is reappearing in Afghanistan. […]

Meditation and Brain

During meditation most meditators experience a state of deep relaxation. It slows down metabolism and the breathing becomes slow. Buddha found a way to end suffering in a deep meditative state. Ultimately all this activity in the mind has to translate into some chemical reaction in the brain. So it would be interesting to study […]

Banning the Hijab

When France banned the hijab and other symbols of religious expression from public schools, there was lot of crying out loud about religious freedom of minorities in secular nations etc. But now in Uzbekistan (88% Muslim Nation), a Government run council has decided to ban headscarves in a school. bq. The Uzbek constitution already bans […]

The Style of Hinduism Experts

“Sankrant Sanu”:http://www.sulekha.com/memberpages/profile.asp?shortcut=/sankrant_Sanu has “an article”:http://www.beliefnet.com/story/146/story_14684_1.html in BeliefNet on the shoddy scholarship by some _eminent_ scholars, who have discovered that * In his book on Ganesha, the beloved elephant-headed deity of Hindus, Emory University professor Paul Courtright made claims that Ganesha?s trunk represents a limp phallus and the fondness for sweets of this child deity carries […]

Religious Principles

“Few days back”:http://varnam.org/archives/000372.html we saw how “The Da Vinci Code”:http://varnam.org/archives/000340.html united Protestants and Catholics. Now according to this report, Shias and Sunnis have united in certain regions of Iraq to fight the “the coalition forces”:http://news.independent.co.uk/world/middle_east/story.jsp?story=519245. bq. Extraordinary scenes as Iraqi Shia were invited to pray in Sunni mosques yesterday were evidence of how deeply the […]

Ban The Movie

So far we have been hearing only the accusation of anti-Semitism for Mel Gibson’s Passion of Christ. But now one Christian group has asked for a “ban on the film”:http://www.newindpress.com/NewsItems.asp?ID=IER20040504024758&Page=R&Title=Kerala&Topic=0& bq. Eliyas told reporters here that the movie seems to have a hidden agenda to dispute Christian beliefs and historical facts centered around the Bible. […]

Christianity and EU

Now that more nations have joined the EU, the Pope thinks he has more souls to harvest “Only a Europe that does not remove, but rediscovers its Christian roots will reach the stature needed for the great challenges of the third millennium: peace, dialogue between cultures and religions, the safeguarding of creation,” he said. He […]