Outsource the Election

Come November and the voters of California “will not be using electronic voting machines”:http://weblog.siliconvalley.com/column/dangillmor/archives/010327.shtml to elect the next President of United States. bq. Two weeks ago, California’s secretary of State banned or restricted the use of state-of-the art electronic voting machines purchased by 14 counties because of computer malfunctions and concerns about the installation of […]

Boom Time ?

The good news is that “Cisco is hiring”:http://www.washingtonpost.com/wp-dyn/articles/A20328-2004May12.html. WaPo’s Cynthia L. Webb is thinks that this coupled with Google’s IPO will bring back the boom in Silicon Valley. So far California has “not been doing great”:http://www.latimes.com/business/la-051404caljobs_lat,1,5086506.story?coll=la-home-business. bq. California’s economy added a modest 16,300 net jobs in April, a disappointing gain that shows the state continuing […]

Kerry Wins

If you kept watching news or reading blogs, you would have thought that Howard Dean was going to win the Democratic nomination. But today I am surprised to see that “John Kerry won the Iowa Caucus”:http://www.madhoo.com/archives/002999.php#002999. John Edwards finished second and Dick Gephardt has decided to pull off the race. This is only the first […]

Afghanistan has a constitution

Few days back we were talking about the “difficulty”:http://varnam.org/archives/000303.html Afghans were having in coming up with a constitution. But now the Afghans “have ratified”:http://israpundit.com/archives/004110.html a new constitution bq. In an enormous step forward, Afghanistan will now have a democratic presidential system, with a directly elected president, a two-chamber national assembly, an independent judiciary and new […]

Writing a Constitution

Afghanistan is in the process of writing its constitution, and it is not easy. There are 502 delegates, consisting of Tajiks, Uzbeks, Pashtuns and many other ethnic groups involved in deciding many issues including which language the national anthem will be sung. Another issue that the opposition of Hamid Karzai does not like is a […]

Deepening Ties

As two democracies facing a common enemy called Islamic Terrorism, it is only natural that Israel and India become allies. American Thinker had an article on on the “deepening”:http://americanthinker.com/comments.php?comments_id=39 Indo-Israeli alliance. The American Thinker article focuses on the relations in the field of Space technology, but there are many other areas in which co-operation is […]

Vedic Mathematics

Srijith has started a series on Vedic Mathematics. The aim is “Through a series of blog notes, I plan to present some astounding mathematical knowledge available to us in the Vedas.”


Shanti has this news about an Indian graduate student in Boston, Bhalerao, who was tortured and stabbed because some morons thought he was from Iraq. She is right when she says: bq. “Horrible!:”:http://www.madhoo.com/archives/002522.php#002522 Whether this attack was intended towards a Muslim or a Hindu or anybody, I think it was extremely cruel and horrible. I […]

Visa Rejection

No respect for a Muslim cleric these days! Kuwait has rejected the visa application of Shahi Imam of Jama Masjid Syed Ahmed Bukhari . Few days back the Imam had asked all Muslim nations to oppose the war on Iraq. It seems no one told him that the Coalition forces had entered Iraq from Kuwait.