John Kerry and Iraq War

There are 9 Democrats currently running in the primaries for the President of United States (Elections in 2004, Results in 2005, if Florida is still voting). Out of the nine many will drop out after the primaries. One of the top runners is John Kerry. He voted for the war against Iraq. On being asked […]

Recalling the Governor – II

California has a deficit of “34 billion”: and there is a recall campaign going on for the Governor Gray Davis who is a democrat. The White House has projected a “deficit of 455b”: So is this is a good reason to recall President Bush ?

Indian Activism

“USINPAC”: is an Indian Political Action Commitee representing India in Capitol Hill and the White House. Recently they met with the Democratic candidates for the 2004 Presidential elections and here are is what happened. Senator Lieberman (D-CT) said that he is committed to having Indian Americans in his Administration. Governor Dean stated that although General […]

Recalling the Governor

California, the world’s fifth largest economy is having a $38 billion deficit and the blame is on Governor Gray Davis. He was re-elected to office only last year, but there is a serious campaign to recall him. But finally it is all about money. bq. “California voters back governor recall:”: Still, being presented with considerations […]

Democracy — Whore, Judiciary — Meaningless

I have always wondered why Arundhati Roy is against democracy and prefers dictators like Musharraf, Saddam Hussein etc. I got my answer in her speech at Centre for Economic and Social Rights in New York on May 13th “Democracy is the Free World’s whore, says Arundhati Roy”: bq. “Democracy, the modern world’s holy cow, is […]

Foreign Policy Developments

Few days back “we said that”: it is not in India’s interest to accept Pakistan’s offer to denuclearize. The Indian Prime Minister made that more clear.

Indian Political Activism

“US Congress probes Pakistan’s role in aiding terrorism”: bq. After the vote, Rep. Faleomavaega stated that he harbored no ill-will against the people of Pakistan. ‘It would be hypocritical for the United States to support a dictatorship despite a firm, long-standing policy against coup instigators. Today, Pakistan remains a dictatorship, while only a few years […]

Your Tax Dollars At Work

As more and more “American Tax Dollars”: are being given to Musharraf for his support in the war against terrorism, we have more information coming out about the murder of Danny Pearl

Communists in the Library of Congress ?

“Romila Thapar’s appointment to Library of Congress opposed”: bq. regards to India, she is an avowed antagonist of India’s Hindu civilization as a well-known Marxist. She represents a completely Euro-centric worldview. I fail to see how she can be the correct choice to represent India’s ancient history and civilization. She completely disavows that India ever […]