The State of Absaroka

While the history of United States is reasonably well documented, there are some less known facts, such as the existence of a short lived plan to create a state called Absaroka in 1939. The tale of the would-be rebels, who called their new state Absaroka (pronounced ab-SOR-ka), from the Crow word meaning “children of the […]

Sanskrit in United States

Besides yoga, the actual classes were extremely well taught and a lot of fun! Having teachers only five or six years older than me made the classes more enjoyable, and they personally inspired me to speak in actual Samskritam. In just one week, I was able to speak basic sentences in Samskritam. It was also […]

The World as seen from United States

This presentation by the CEO of Public Radio International does not reveal any new information to people who are used to watching Lindsay Lohan, Britney Spears and Paris Hilton every other day, while major events happen around the world. For an American resident looking for intelligent news, cable news offers no help. After watching World […]

Kerala and San Francisco

Last month, members of DYFI and the Merchants association ransacked a Reliance retail shop in Paravur.The police did not bother to prevent this and no one was arrested. In Kerala, the politicians and business groups have decided that a consumer should buy only from shops run by them and not from supermarkets run by Reliance […]

Politicians Finally Get It

United States is the largest consumer of bottled water and since water bottles are made of a type of plastic which is difficult to break down, 86% of the bottles become garbage. Landfill clogging by these bottles became a major issue and many city councils took action by banning the bottles in government meetings, replacing […]

Lotta Examined Lives

Learning philosophy is in vogue. Students at various universities are registering for Philosophy 101 classes, reading Socrates and debating the metaphysics behind “The Matrix”. David E. Schrader, executive director of the American Philosophical Association, a professional organization with 11,000 members, said that in an era in which people change careers frequently, philosophy makes sense. “It’s […]

Prakash Karat's history lesson

Recently CPI (M) General Secretary Prakash Karat called President George Bush a fool andsaid that he had a poor understanding of history. Mr. Karat was attending a function commemorating the 90th anniversary of the 1917 October Revolution was angry that President Bush had compared Lenin to Osama bin Laden and Adolf Hitler. But guess who […]

Faith and American Presidency

The first contested election in United States was the one of 1796 when the main contestants were  Thomas Jefferson and John Adams. Jefferson lost the election as Adams portrayed him as secularist while painting himself as a man of faith. Thomas Jefferson, one of the founding fathers, who was behind the separation of Church and […]

Misrepresenting the Founding Fathers

In United States the Virginia Statute for Religious Freedom was written by two Founding Fathers, Thomas Jefferson and James Madison, in 1779 and was passed by the Virginia General Assembly into law. The statute declared that the imposition of religion by government officials is impious. In the statue Jefferson also argued that the imposition of […]

Judgement Day

Jesus was notorious for the company he kept. He ate with sinners, tax collectors, and prostitutes. In fact, this is one of the major criticisms Jesus’ opponents weighed against him. Just look up “sinners” and “tax collectors” in the Gospels, and you’ll be amazed how often this theme appears. A careful look at the Gospel […]