cleaning up

When the elected representatives fail to perform their duty, people do
it. Lot of good things have happened in India because of PILs filed by
normal people. One example is the banning of smoking in public places
in Kerala. Now based on another PIL, the supreme court says that candidates have to declare lot more information about themselves.

unhappy, Cong hails SC verdict

BJP on Thursday expressed serious concern over the
Supreme Court decison making it mandatory for candidates to declare
their criminal antecedents, assets and liabilities and educational
qualification at the time of filing of nomination papers, and favoured
an all-party meeting to discuss the issue.

The supreme court does not say that it not illegal to be rich, but you
just have to declare it. But there are ways thought out by politicians
to bypass this. For example, when Lallo Yadav was convicted, he made
his wife the Chief Minister of Bihar (the same place where Buddha got
enlightenment). There is nothing which prevents ruling by proxy. But
still I think this step goes a long way in cleaning up the Indian

For once I am impressed with the Communist Party. They don’t have
money, they have nothing to hide.

hails SC verdict on electoral reform

The Communist Party of India (CPI) today hailed the
Supreme Court verdict setting aside an amendment to the Representation
of Peoples (Amendment) Act, 2002 and asked all parties to ”gracefully
accept” the decision that seeks to bring about far-reaching electoral
reforms. ”Voters have the right to know the antecedents of their
candidates, their assets, liabilities and educational
qualifications,” CPI Genral Secretary A B Bardhan said at a press
conference here.

India develops Cryogenic Engine

In a significant boost to India’s space programme, scientists have successfully developed an indigenous cryogenic engine, which can power heavy communication satellites into orbit.

This was a technology which United States refused to transfer to us. We may have been delayed, but we have now mastered the technology

(link via sameer)

Bombay blast

I was scanning the blogs from Bombay to see if there is anymore
information about the bomb blasts. Most of them have the same info as
the newspapers. Some even have ignored it. This is the third bomb that
has exploded in recent times.

Easy Guru has some
thoughts on the bomb blasts 10 years back. I was there too. I had just
moved to Bombay, a month back and what a shock it was for me. But
Bombay is an amazing city. The next working day, the stock exchange,
which was bombed, started functioning.

Update: B Raman on Lessons from the Mumbai blasts

Links: How safe?

Blogging in Anna Univ Curriculum

Found this interesting bit in this news from The Hindu Newspaper

Anna University, which is the first university to recognize and include blogging in its curriculum will have a national level panel discussion on blogging…..

This is very nice to read.

(link via kiruba, who does not provide permlinks, see mar 12th blog)

More developments in Malaysia

After Indian IT professionals were mistreated in Malaysia by Malaysian police, here are some actions by the Indian Govt.

  • Outraged over the ill-treatment of 270 Indian IT professionals in Malaysia, New Delhi has decided to re-examine some of the decisions pending under its civil aviation bilateral treaty with Kuala Lumpur.
    The first casualty could well be the extension of landing facility to Malaysian Airlines at Kolkata and the seat-sharing arrangement with Air India.

  • As 32 Indian IT professionals prepared to leave Malaysia Friday after a humiliating week- -end police detention, New Delhi was considering issuing a travel advisory to its citizens planning to visit the country.

This is the first time I am seeing the Indian Govt. standing up for its citizens in crisis.

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