The War

All American TV Channels are trying to cover the war the whole night,
without any real information. They go to correspondents all over the
world, and they all tell the same information. Fox has switched to
American Idol. NBC is showing some cool animation of aircrafts taking
of from an air base and launching bunker busters. After many months of
“Target Iraq” programs on various channels, the TV channels would have
been disappointed if the war had not happened.

“Salam Pax”: (from Baghdad) tells that there was a rumor floating that
Saddam’s brother had asked him to surrender, but in turn he has
imprisoned him

bq. It is being said that Barazan (Saddam?s brother) has suggested to
him that he should do the decent thing and surrender, he got himself
under house arrest in one of the presidential palaces which is
probably going to be one of the first to be hit.

BBC is reporting that Saddam is going to address his people in a while.

Bharatiya Blog Mela #4

If you want to summarize this week, the key words are garbage
and UN. Some people think both are the same, especially here in United States.
But I am talking from the context of the best of
Indian blogs for this week

Ratheesh Krishna
gives us his thoughts on garbage, garbage collection and
garbage disposal. He is not talking about Java Garbage collection, but
with respect to plastic bags. (See Mar 12th blog)

tells why India should NOT be a part of UN Security
council. Ravi
tells us why India should be part of it.

the mallu devil
explains why bandhs and hartals are good for the

, takes a look back at how he started watching

Hrishikesh Ballal
has a photo blog, which I think is the only one in Indian Blogsphere.

Zilch Zilch writes on some important issues covered in Indian Newspapers.

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Mela, please mention it in the comments. The previous three blog mela’s were hosted by realwomen

Science and Archeology

N. Rajaram in his article in The Hindu says that philology (a
discipline devoted to the reconstruction of history and culture based
on the comparative study of ancient languages such as Sanskrit, Greek,
Latin and others.) was used as the main tool in writing Indian
History, which gave you the Aryan Invasion Theory. He says that we
should use various other techniques such as Geo-Archeology and not
take the opinion of philologists as the final word.

Read more

National Interest

TVR Shenoy tells us why this war is fought

Iraqi oil and the US war

The bottomline is that every nation is looking to its own interests. The Jordanians worry about rising oil bills. The United States and Britain are concerned about their own security. France and Russia are protecting their commercial interests. When will Indian foreign policy makers learn to be equally cold-blooded?

India is slowly changing. The two obvious things
that I can come up with is the strong stand taken against Malaysia and
the pact with Iran. We are looking after our interests and asserting our authority in a small way. Now only if we could assert it against activities like this

Blog Mela: Answers

Many people asked me one simple question: What the heck is a blog mela ?. Here are some answers

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Should India be part of UNSC.

  • I agree with Suman
    when he says that we will have to toe US line as it is the only
    remaining hyperpower. But in the future, there may come some issues
    before UN where the US is not terribly interested but has direct
    relation to Indian security, like Kashmir. Our position could be an
    advantage in influencing world opinion to our favor. It is only US and
    France which ignores UN. Even in UK, people are asking
    Tony Blair to get UN approval. Our issues in the near future are not
    going to be with the major powers, but with the tiny ones in our
    neighborhood, where the voice of United Nations still has some effect.

  • We are currently caught up in the stupid “South Asian” tag,
    losing our identity. As Opinionated
    says, the view of the world is that of India and Pakistan
    as two equals involved in ‘medieval religious warfare’. We need to get
    involved in global issues and get out of trying to be a leader of a
    bunch of loser nations (SAARC)

The UN may even become extinct by the
time the next Lord of the Rings is released. But if it is around, then
we should be a part of it.

cleaning up

When the elected representatives fail to perform their duty, people do
it. Lot of good things have happened in India because of PILs filed by
normal people. One example is the banning of smoking in public places
in Kerala. Now based on another PIL, the supreme court says that candidates have to declare lot more information about themselves.

unhappy, Cong hails SC verdict

BJP on Thursday expressed serious concern over the
Supreme Court decison making it mandatory for candidates to declare
their criminal antecedents, assets and liabilities and educational
qualification at the time of filing of nomination papers, and favoured
an all-party meeting to discuss the issue.

The supreme court does not say that it not illegal to be rich, but you
just have to declare it. But there are ways thought out by politicians
to bypass this. For example, when Lallo Yadav was convicted, he made
his wife the Chief Minister of Bihar (the same place where Buddha got
enlightenment). There is nothing which prevents ruling by proxy. But
still I think this step goes a long way in cleaning up the Indian

For once I am impressed with the Communist Party. They don’t have
money, they have nothing to hide.

hails SC verdict on electoral reform

The Communist Party of India (CPI) today hailed the
Supreme Court verdict setting aside an amendment to the Representation
of Peoples (Amendment) Act, 2002 and asked all parties to ”gracefully
accept” the decision that seeks to bring about far-reaching electoral
reforms. ”Voters have the right to know the antecedents of their
candidates, their assets, liabilities and educational
qualifications,” CPI Genral Secretary A B Bardhan said at a press
conference here.